Atlantis Crystal: The seal of Portuguese Tradition & Modernity

The first crystal pieces from the prestigious firm Atlantis were made in the town of Alcobaca, Portugal, in 1972. At the time, the factory was known as Crisal (Alcobaca Crystals) and devoted its production to old Portuguese lead crystal.


Founded in 1944, Alcobaca Crystals manufactured chandeliers, sconces, and glass for domestic use. Later in the early 1970s, it began to produce high-quality handmade glass with the help of moulds and blow rods and following the old practices of experienced craftsmen.


Atlantis crystal stands out for its beauty, weight, brilliance transparency and durability, and their pieces are coveted around the world by those who seek the best glasswork. The brand’s luxurious products are executed with great skill – using sand, lead oxide, sodium, potassium, and borax among other materials. It is a painstaking, stressful process under temperatures that can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The experienced artisans use tools and moulds made of wood, aluminium, or steel to shape their beautiful pieces. The factory produces from bottles, cups, jars and plates to centrepieces, bowls, and vases. The experience and know-how of the craftsmen determine the thickness of each piece, which varies depending on the force of the blow.


Atlantis is known for its tight quality control. With perfection as their emblem, thousands of pieces are discarded, many with flaws so imperceptible to the human eye that can only be detected by trained experts.


On the other hand, faithful to the most beautiful designs and following the latest artistic trends, Atlantis develops contemporary, sophisticated and versatile pieces in collaboration with renowned Portuguese and international designers. Their excellent reputation and the high quality of its production, have inspired their leading names in crystal – Waterford Crystal, Baccarat, and Saint Louis – to commission pieces with the highest standards of quality and functionality.


After its recent merger with Portugues Vista Alegre Group, Atlantis is still present in major international al markets in more than 20 countries. Their brand is recognised as the manufacturer of some of the purest crystal in the world, where the artisan tradition continues to flirt with the best contemporary design. Today the firm’s factory at Alcobaca has more than 500 workers and continues to expand its international presence for customers that adore crystal that is as extraordinary as it is sublime and beautiful.

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