European Plug & Socket Fittings

Lola's Leads can be made in all European plug & socket options. Our standard Lola's Leads EU is a CEE7/7 'Schuko' plug and CEE7/3 socket.

A CEE7/7 'Schuko' plug works in most European countries excluding Pink & Red countries. Please note, that in Italy the wall sockets vary, so it may not be compatible and although this plug may fit into a socket in Denmark, we do not advise using here as it will not be earthed and is therefore unsafe to use. 

A CEE7/3 'Schuko' socket can only be used in the green countries. Never attempt to use incompatible components together. 

If you live in a country that does not use a CEE7/3 'Schuko' plug and socket, add a note to your order and we can send a quotation for the correct appendages required!

European Plug Map