Frederick Wimsett Sustainable Wallpaper

We are proud to shout about sustainability being at the core of everything we do in the World of Wimsett. We ensure that every supplier and decision we make in the Wimsett house, from packaging to paints, to inks and glass, are aligned with our values and uphold our commitment to ensuring that we are nurturing and protecting our planet in the process of bringing beautiful hand-crafted products into your home.

All of our wallpapers are made from non-woven, responsibly sourced bases. The beautiful texture of our watercolour paper grain finish includes polyester fibres made from recycled plastic bottles.

The wood pulp used comes from FSC® certified forests. The Forest Stewardship Council ensures products come from responsibly managed forests and helps to care for forests and the people and wildlife who live there, so they will continue for future generations.

All waste created during production is sent away and recycled to make energy, and so we are extremely proud to work with a 0% to landfill manufacturer.